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About Mohanlal Fans Club

Biggest Fans Club of Superstar Mohanlal Promoting Lalettan films and events online & sharing fans activities.

MFC, Mohanlal Fans Club, is an online platform that started in 2011 to express our love and admiration for the greatest acting legend of this country, Mohanlal! or as we fondly call him, "Lalettan". The Facebook page by Mohanlal Fans Club (MFC) received exceptional attention as it was one among the first of its kind to promote and celebrate a movie star in Kerala. MFC has its own unique and different ways of promoting films and during its course, we make it a priority to ensure that our methods never belittle or bully anyone else. While focusing on our mission and passion for our hero, the one, and only Mohanlal, we have always made it a priority to respect everyone else in the industry.

We had started this dream journey exactly on 23rd July 2011, just before the release of a Master Class from Lalettan- Blessy team, titled Pranayam. A fabulous team is working with us from then to make this page a big success, which is now the biggest ever fan page of a Mollywood actor in Facebook. Our team consists of exceptional designers, inspiring writers, amazing editors, and skilled organizers. We have our inside sources within the industry to get the first-hand reports and latest news related to Mohanlal. One of the primary focus of MFC is to provide our followers with the most accurate information right from the start of Lalettan's career and with extreme pride, we can say that we have never supported or published any fake information to enhance our hero. MFC has always stood by the principles of integrity and sincerity focusing on supporting good cinemas while celebrating Lalettan.

We have never demanded a penny to promote or market Lalettan's movies, for us, he is more than just an actor, our heart beat, our lifeline, which cannot be measured with money. MFC posts have always received numerous appreciations as we post the exclusive & rare photos and videos of Lalettan. The videos and posters that we create have always received stunning reception from fans and film lovers alike. The promotional methods and unique contests we adopt to promote Lalettan movies always attracted great appreciation from all corners.

We, the MFC team, have always maintained high quality and top standards in our posts, actions etc and have kept our dignity at peak. What we do every day, we do that with immense love & undying passion for our Lalettan so we need your kind prayers and support on this new venture we are about to embark. We are on a journey to expand and explore the horizon of possibilities offered by social media and to promote and celebrate our Hero, our emotion, and our heartbeat... Mohanlal's life and career to a level, where it deserve to be reached.

THE KINGDOM OF THE EMPEROR Founded on 23 July 2011


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