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Who is Mohanlal to Malayalees..? Of course he is an actor par excellence and a fantastic human being who is simple and humble and takes good care of everyone around him. But what makes him an emotion to the people of Kerala..? What makes him the greatest ever actor who graced the silver screens in Indian Cinema History..? There something that can’t be explained in this world, something very special, something very unique and it is a feel that can’t be expressed as we may feel that all the words in any language is not enough for us to explain that feel. Mohanlal gives us that feel with his acting skills and even with a smile he gives us goosebumps. The impact this man has on the people of Kerala is exceptional and that he is been chosen as the most popular Malayali of this century in India by various medias in our country.

What makes him the best ever..? We have many great actors who had do exceptional job when it comes to portray a character on screen. But how many of them can give us the feel that he or she is living on silver screens as a particular character..? How many performances of them were as natural as audience feels that it’s almost perfect..? There were such performances, but they are very rare and we can count it using our fingers.

But when it comes to Mohanlal, almost 90% of his portrayal of characters on silver screen is almost 100% natural and we feels that he is just behaving and living as that character. Many of our great actors follow the methods of master actors, knowingly or unknowingly. But when it comes to Mohanlal he is his own unique style and now the new generation of actors here in Mollywood follows his style in every aspect of acting. How many actors in Indian Cinema is successful in creating such an impact of generations after him..? That is what makes Mohanlal the best in one sense.


Some asks how good an actor he is and what about his range as an actor, apart from being creating an impact on people? Well, Legends like Kamala Hasan and Amitab Bachchan said that he is the finest actor in India and we can keep it aside and can analyze it ourselves. How can we judge how good an actor is..? Is the number of awards he gets is a point of measurement..? Or the fan base of him is a point to consider..? 4 national awards for acting and the most popular Keralite award makes him a winner in that sense. But what makes an actor a great one is the flexibility of him to play all kind of character and the range he possess as an artist when it comes to playing characters at different extremes.

In that sense we can call Mohanlal the greatest actor ever in this country as no other actor in India is as successful as him in playing all kind of characters with same ease. Some actors are strong in some aspects of acting but weak in some other aspects. But Mohanlal is strong in every aspect of acting and that makes him the best ever. In India, Bharatha Muni’s Natya Sastra is considered as the bible of acting. It has got worldwide recognition as well. According to Bharatha Muni, one who has the caliber to emote Navarasas (9 emotional states) with equal ease can be regarded as the ultimate actor. Mohanlal is one such actor who had proved again and again that he can do any type of characters with extreme easiness and he effortlessly makes each and every characters look as natural as possible. He don’t even changes his physique or never puts on a lot of make up to become the character. It’s the subtlety in his body language, emotions he conveys through his eyes and the flow in his dialogue delivery helps him to be the character.

Most of the actors tries to play the character by getting into the body of that character by preparing themselves or mentally prepares to feel the emotional state at which that particular character is in. But what Mohanlal does is an amazing thing as he lets the character to possess his body rather than going in to the body of a particular character. It was like he gives his body to the soul of a character to breathe and live inside him. Then suddenly, when the director says “action”, we see that character in Mohanlal’s body and he began to behave like he is in that situation and that’s what makes his performance natural and utmost perfect.

How people come to love this man like an emotion..? There is an answer of this question as well. Mohanlal is just like a mirror to Keralite and in that mirror they can see themselves. Because he behaves just like them through various characters. If you want to see how you may have behaved in a particular situation, just watch a Mohanlal character behaves in such a situation in a movie. When other actors performs, they performs in such a way that their behavior looks ideal to a particular situation. They performs in a way that one should feel after seeing it that, it have to be the manner in which they behaved in such situations. But what Mohanlal gives is, the way you actually had behaved in that situation. Because we can’t act ideally when things happen to us in real life. That’s why we said that Mohanlal is like mirror in which we see ourselves. But this mirror has some magical powers as well. Just like it gives us the picture of what we really are or how we really behaves, it also gives us the image of what we want to be or how we want to see ourselves.

That’s why Mohanlal is the best ever actor and best star with mass appeal even after 38 years of his debut here in Mollywood. We can see many legendary actors who lost their star power after a fair number of years in their industry. But Mohanlal is still the biggest super star in M-Town and remains as the greatest acting talent we have, not only here but in India as a whole.

Sl.No Rel.Date Movie Role Director Language
1 10/11/2018 Kayamkulam Kochunni Ithikkara Pakki Rosshan Andrrews Malayalam
2 7/13/2018 Neerali Sunny George Ajoy Varma Malayalam
3 1/26/2018 Aadhi Mohanlal Jeethu Joseph Malayalam
4 10/27/2017 Villain Mathew Manjooran B. Unnikrishnan Malayalam
5 8/31/2017 Velipadinte Pusthakam Michael Idicula Lal Jose Malayalam
Kerala State Film Awards 1986 Best Actor- 1986

Movie:T. P. Balagopalan M.A

Filmfare Awards South 1986 Best Actor- 1986

Movie:Sanmanassullavarkku Samadhanam

Kerala State Film Awards 1988 Special Jury Award (as actor)- 1988

Movie:Padamudra, Chithram, Ulsavapittennu, Aryan, Vellanakalude Nadu

Filmfare Awards South 1988 Best Actor- 1988